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Monthly Archives: January 2012


The Following

Skin "remembers" how it worked youth. Hyaluronic acid can bind to a thousand times more water than the weight itself. Magic acid solution is well distributed over the entire surface of the skin, forming a light film that actively draws moisture from the air. This increases the free water content in the stratum corneum. Creates the effect of "extra moisture," which helps reduce water evaporation from the surface effect kozhi.Momentalny First, he sees person immediately afterread more…



Now we are talking about imitation and synthetic stones are not as fake. So what is it? All sources with a sadistic candor say – to trick you can and quite easily. You'll be proud to purchase, they shine in society similar, but in fact it may well be cheaper glass. I do not know whether you will comfort the idea that other people just like you do not understand and will envy you. Only aread more…


Italy Mosaic

Thanks to the mosaics are known not only ethical and aesthetic foundations of Roman society (an idea of these bases can be from published sources), but also portraits historic figures, styles of clothing, parts of the chariot and the ship, the appearance of horse breeds and dogs, some information about the habitats of wild animals. In the Roman mosaic masters had a tradition of sign the key actors in important scenes, and often it is forread more…