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Monthly Archives: June 2015


Used Golf Balls

The golf is now also becoming a popular sport in Germany. An increasing number of golf clubs, posts and equipment more affordable to promote this trend. According to increase the number of golfers, the demand for golf balls. The price of a brand new golf ball is 1-5 euros or even higher. In a year’s supply of golf balls from 50-200 pieces that can be quite costly. Used golf balls are golf balls which the golferread more…


Desire And Detachment

DESIRE AND DETACHMENT Our mind is the one with attachments "I want this to be so, but I'm angry," our inside knows we do not need anything, the real desire of our being is not money, the real desire of our being is to experience happiness, freedom, freedom from worry, our inner being wants to experience abundance to help, if we focus on the real inner desire we will more easily attract the energy that isread more…


Baked Potatoes

Now that we are already in lent already begins to be time of preparing a rich cod. There are many ways to prepare it, with both tomato and chickpeas, as with garlic muslin, like the vizcaina, but today we are going to make it one of the easiest ways, alhorno with potatoes. Ingredients for the cod baked with potatoes: 400 g of cod. 2 medium-sized onions. 2 small potatoes. 1 jar of tomato sauce. 3 more…


The English

Disadvantage – that the conversation is given less importance and man is not enough speaking practice. It frequently happens that as a result of such training people speaks the language in which carriers themselves, not only do not say, but hard to understand it. Intensives are often called something that goes from 3 times a week, but by and large it is not. Intensive is designed to teach students not only talk but also to thinkread more…