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Monthly Archives: April 2013


Marathon Experience

Within the framework of activities organized by the solidarity program La Marathon of TV3, which this year will address the theme of the spinal cord and brain injuries acquired, completed an interesting activity in which the professional pilots, Nani Roma, Albert Llovera and Isidre Esteve, shared their experiences and knowledge of the world of the motor, with a collective of affected by spinal cord injury. The enthusiasm and excitement, invaded the participants of the action, sinceread more…


SMEs Authorities

Authorities, generating the necessary transformations to give feedback older administrative systems that rest on a bureaucracy is inefficient, involving loss of time, cost, operability. Authorities should rescue experience, knowledge of its retired teachers, giving him opportunity to incorporate in chairs that are required of teachers qualified, capable of providing knowledge and motivate future professionals to generate new ones that favor their formation and leading to the change required for an education favorable for the country. Authorities,read more…