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Monthly Archives: September 2015


The Building

The process of designing and conducting marketing research includes sophisticated methods of many disciplines: sociology, psychology, marketing and microeconomics, consumer behavior, psychometrics, statistics and qualimetry. Like other knowledge-intensive areas, market research characterized a lot of fine places that may cause critical errors study. We consider them in order of processes typical of quantitative market research. Research design flaws at the design stage of marketing research, as in while laying the foundation of the building, determine itsread more…



The professional league in the Dominican Republic began in 1890 with two professional teams. When the Licey was founded in 1907, Computers Ozama “and” New Club “were vying for supremacy of baseball in our country. The powerful field Licey was taken from them until they disappear. There were no rivals for Licey in the Dominican ball, thus creating a “delivery caused” to merge into one three teams of the era, “San Carlos”, “Boys” and “Delco Lite”read more…


Installing Screw Compressors

Studies show that today the compressor equipment consumes more than 10% of electricity consumption industry. Naturally, such a huge consumption and high cost of electricity Any decisions related to more efficient use of schemes of compressor equipment, are of great interest among consumers. At most companies already are moving away from the old one – a centralized model of supply production of compressed air and moving to more advanced and cost-effective – the decentralized model. Theread more…


Infinite Intelligence

This jewel of a book written by Napoleon Hill, is nothing ordinary shares some ideas that may prove too much for some. People divided between those who are born with faith and those not, optimists and pessimists. What side are you on? The answer to that question may make the "luck" has one over his life. The book is organized with a set of principles that together represent a philosophy. I will make a very briefread more…


The Time

The result is that increased production impact on increasing the incomes and lower wages. D ue to the land distribution is unequal inequality grows even if economic growth. In this way George sees that material progress can not end poverty, and distributive base of taxes is not enough. Proposes to establish a single tax on land, to appropriate the income, not land. Ie put all taxes on land value. I think he raised his theory maximalistread more…


Handmade Rugs From IKEA

Do not confuse two kinds of rugs: braided and woven. Plaited or knitted – a carpet with a nap, his yarn attached to fabric-based (kilims) uzelkami.Osnova created on a frame: it tightly to each other stretched threads which are then interwoven horizontally others. The resulting network, kilim – the foundation of any rug. It can be as wool and cotton. Then the basis for many weeks starting accrete knots. For each nodule spent about two secondsread more…


Decayed Angel

The effected dialogue enters the main personages initially transfers in the sky, being uncurling of the facts in the urban environment, land, place concretely inhabits the conditional personages to the social environment and, living the valuation of the material, the cientificismo, the objetividade, the conflicts, the sociocultural, moral, economic dramas, politicians, ethical, religious. It has in the machadianos personages deep a psychological or interior realism and in this story, it portraies how much the Man canread more…