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(This applies primarily to waterfowl: they are rapidly degradable.) After This is injected into the abdominal cavity denatured alcohol, and if it is not at hand, stuffed carcass nettle, juniper. Essential oils of juniper suspended microbial reproduction. Bloodstained feathers rub wool, and the bleeding wounds impose wool soaked in methylated spirits (if available). Transporting birds are very cautious not to bend, not tousle and do not break the feathers. Wrap the birds after final cooling, thatread more…



First of all, before beginning the process of translation into English translator with a detailed analysis of the material to figure out which of his versions of the text to be translated. Similarly, when assessing online translation first we need to find a clear idea of what exactly to type text is submitted to the original, to prevent the risk of online estimation of translation from English, guided by the wrong criteria. In principle, quite inadequateread more…


Business People

New Year is approaching, one of the most popular worldwide holidays. It is interesting to note that the replacement of one year, other people started in the third millennium bc in Mesopotamia. As many as 12 days in the vicinity of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers are not stopped processions, carnivals and festivals. Glad river flooding, promising fertility. New Year in Russia for centuries celebrated on September 1. This is the emperor Peter I to itsread more…


Construction Considerations

The dependence of prices on the geography (for the whole country) and market segments, their dynamics? Here, if possible, it would be good to examples (something like a year ago was worth so much, and now you can buy or vice versa, to become more expensive ). Response. Geography is simple, Prague and Bohemia medium (30-40 km around Prague) produce prices. Most distant cities Czech Republic (250 km from Prague) keep the price of new housingread more…