Construction Considerations

The dependence of prices on the geography (for the whole country) and market segments, their dynamics? Here, if possible, it would be good to examples (something like a year ago was worth so much, and now you can buy or vice versa, to become more expensive ). Response. Geography is simple, Prague and Bohemia medium (30-40 km around Prague) produce prices. Most distant cities Czech Republic (250 km from Prague) keep the price of new housing lower by 10-15% and often the price is identical with Prague and the Czech middle edge. The quality of construction is identical everywhere, and to assess the fine, so the cost and does not vary.

This is caused, first of all using identical construction and finishing materials in construction. Room facilities if you compare last year and this period remained the same for new housing and fell to 5% for secondary housing. question. What are mortgage interest in the banks the Czech Republic, and what percentage of "personal involvement" to foreigners? Response to 5,9% per annum for fixed interest periods three, five or more years of personal involvement of 50% equity The maximum term of 20 years of the contract All conditions are considered under the wages and other income from the country of permanent residence (CIS). Question. Until now, citizens of countries outside the eu and do not have permanent residence in Czech Republic, to purchase the property needed to open a legal entity and have it issue an apartment or house.