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Monthly Archives: December 2013


The Attention

Therefore, the management of strategic accounts must be a corporative initiative and not only of the area of sales, since it implies a consistent and exceptional attention for the clients considered like strategists by the organization. The second fundamental concept that it is necessary to review, under a strategy of management of key accounts, is the form as the strategic accounts are selected. Here the high direction must stipular the criteria that must be evaluated toread more…


National Association

after that with conferences of education developed by the ANPED (National Association of Research of after-graduation in Education) that it had purpose to develop and to consolidate the education of after-graduation and the research in education in Brazil. ' ' The educational research brings theoretical and metodolgicos challenges that remain in aberto' ' (GATTI, 2002, P. 22). We need to analyze the form to collect the data necessary to the construction of the research, being hadread more…