The professional league in the Dominican Republic began in 1890 with two professional teams. When the Licey was founded in 1907, Computers Ozama “and” New Club “were vying for supremacy of baseball in our country. The powerful field Licey was taken from them until they disappear. There were no rivals for Licey in the Dominican ball, thus creating a “delivery caused” to merge into one three teams of the era, “San Carlos”, “Boys” and “Delco Lite” leading, with players “elect” of those three teams, the birth of the team “Chosen,” whose official foundation dates back to 21 February 1921, ie fourteen years after being founded the Licey team. The sport of baseball was played in series between two teams short. Baseball was a lot of teams and clubs. The Chosen was one of the best teams is a big part of baseball history in the Dominican Republic.The history of the Chosen is formed in 1921 in response to a superior team that was called Licey of Santo Domingo. A group of people founded the club about remaining teams to beat Licey. They call him the Chosen One. This selection was proposed temporary. However, the Chosen One will become the most competitive team in the Caribbean. Many baseball stars took the red uniforms of the Chosen. The Chosen had players from Cuba, where baseball was already very famous, and local stars. The Licey and the Chosen have been since then, the big rivals from the capital and the country having joined in 1937 to form the team was called “Ciudad Trujillo Dragons” to cope with the merger of the “Aguilas del Cibao “and” Stars of the East “. This was the work of the dictator of the Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo, made the teams, Licey and the Chosen One should be merged. This merger was the team that was called Ciudad Trujillo Dragons after the capitol of the Dominican Republic.Trujillo bought the best players money could buy. The players were from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the United States. The chosen won the surf in the Caribbean. Then, the surf fourteen lost money because Rafael Trujillo paid big money to players. However, the Chosen One back in the Dominican Republic to play on weekends during the summer, and only during the day. After baseball returned, the Chosen was again on top of baseball. The stars of the United States now played in the Dominican Republic and the Chosen One had its habiller. The Chosen One was still a larger team in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. From there, the top baseball practice was halted until 1951, beginning a new stage that is solidified in 1955 with the inauguration of the first stage under lights and with the entrance of our organized baseball league.During its history a hundred years, the professional league has continued its popularity, there are now five teams in total. Santo Domingo has two teams, Los Tigres del Licey and Escogido Lions. San Pedro de Macoris is the Estrellas Orientales, Santiago has Las Aguilas del Cibao, La Romana has Azucareros del Este. Each team plays a season of sixty games beginning in October and ends in February. There are many Dominican baseball players who were successful in the majors in the past and there are many who are having success now. Ozzie Virgil was the first Dominican baseball. He began playing in Major League Baseball in 1958 and soon followed by Felipe Alou and his brother Matty Alou. Matty won the batting title in 1966. Other notable past players are first baseman Orlando Cepeda, pitcher Juan Marichal, Tony Pena, George Bell and many others. In today’s Major League Baseball, there are hundreds of Dominican baseball.Most notable are Pedro Mart nez, who won the Cy Young in 1997, outfielder Manny Ram rez, the pitcher Pedro Mart nez, and the Alou brothers and of course Sammy Sosa, who chased the home run record during the 1998 season and won the title of MVP. Because of the success of these players, Dominican professional baseball has become the home of “Baseball’s Winter.” Many major league players from playing in the Dominican Republic during the winter to practice. All Major League teams recruit players in the Dominican Republic. Today baseball has a very high caliber, while not achieving positive results in recent international events. It has a high quality professional championship, while developing increasingly, a lot of good players.The country since the late nineteenth century, began practicing baseball, was world champion in 1948, subtitling in 1942, 1950 and 1952 and bronze medalist in 1943, 1953 and 1969.