Now we are talking about imitation and synthetic stones are not as fake. So what is it? All sources with a sadistic candor say – to trick you can and quite easily. You'll be proud to purchase, they shine in society similar, but in fact it may well be cheaper glass. I do not know whether you will comfort the idea that other people just like you do not understand and will envy you. Only a specialist in full armor is capable of distinguishing natural from artificial hardness, density, optical properties, etc. Imitations of precious stones occur frequently. But this does not mean that they are used only crooks.

A lot of people to poblistat in society and while not much is spent, obviously becoming a fake stone. Sends it to the noble metal and amaze acquaintances. For the diamond does not necessarily give a glass paste. Often, they 'work', for example, leucosapphire, Colorless topaz, or zircon. These stones are similar. Leucosapphire under direct artificial light is almost indistinguishable from a diamond. And only an oblique, lateral view of an imposter has no shine or play the most precious stone. Connoisseurs call leucosapphire blind, comparing it with a diamond.

There is a notion Jewelers – a doublet. Doublets are called all the constituent stones, connected in two parts – top and bottom. Sometimes in a big stone increasing the size of the stone and its price combined the two. In the event that the originals are connected, it turns out the true doublet. If the upper part – the real stone, and bottom – glass doublet – false. Doublet is very difficult to distinguish from this piece of stone. Should be removed from the rim and explore. Synthetic stone called an imitation of the language is not rotated. He has one on the nose, like a native, all properties are identical. The fundamental difference: one created by nature, the other born in the studio man. Synthetics are often better and bigger, but in any case it is only natural products analogues. Therefore, the prized still minerals donated land. Want to have a natural, natural, no surprises, buy first specialist with the tool. And already with him in the shop or on the black market.