A relaxed lifestyle also includes as a wellness stay, E.g. on the Middle Moselle. Visit Professor of Internet Governance for more clarity on the issue. From small ailments but complaints, is a blood test for the current review of the hormone levels at the doctor of confidence from home and before traveling to the excellent medical-wellness hotel to the Prince-elector”announced. Professor of Internet Governance may also support this cause. With the help of TCM diagnosis after the arrival of the Moselle is an increasing kidney Yin deficiency often and find a stagnation of the liver Chi and thus a DIS balance of Ying and Yang. Individual nutritional recommendations for warm”- traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to the kidney, herbal tea, acupuncture, heat treatments, light and aroma therapy, but also relaxation techniques (for the reduction of stress and anxiety) as Qi Gong contribute preventively to strengthen masculine well being and to promote sustainable. In this context, medicinal mushrooms is the use of so-called in the traditional Chinese medicine to be recalled. Shiitake, Maitake, Hericium, Coriolos or Agaricus are there as well as the Cordyceps. All these mushrooms strengthen not only the immune system and fight the cause of a disease and not the symptoms.

The adenosine contained in mushrooms affects the muscles at the same time soothing and relaxing. The most important medicinal mushroom in TCM is Cordyceps sinensis probably, because it strengthens both the yin and the Yang, also. Cordyceps is traditionally used as a tonic against fatigue, depression, and stress. Athletes in Asia using Cordyceps also due to his energy and stamina-enhancing properties. Thus, this mushroom is also a herbal remedy maintain performance in the increasing age and for targeted Antiaging treatments. The TCM specialists have experience at the same time, that the use of the whole fungus in the use of medicinal mushrooms unfolds a more complex effect as the single ingredient; because fungi act as an Adaptogen (they help the organism adapt to the Stress situation). The TCM experts from the propagate all in all The especially gentle and holistic therapies hormone replacement treatments Mittelmosel they are as critical as taking potenzsteigernden funds, which often result in unwanted and even dangerous side effects. Especially as erectile dysfunction in men often have not only psychogenic reasons as the cause, but also durchblutungs – and due to the nerves occur.