Banner Network

For someone banners do not work, and people speak authoritatively about the futility of banners. But for other sites banner advertising is the main strategy of promotion. Such resources can be identified by a large the number of banners on the pages – and these sites are increasing. What's the difference and the reasons for such radically opposite approaches? The first reason in the original traffic. Neither Banner Network shall not lift up traffic to the site from scratch. Exchange network can only augment the existing traffic – this is the main strength of this method of promotion. Scheme of banner networks (banner exchange) is old and simple: Your ads (banners) are shown in the other sites in exchange for their banners on your pages. Users move from site to site, increasing traffic to all sites.

In exchange for leaving customers come to you new. More visitors – more sales. Therefore, if the site is already promoted, adding banners will 'exchange' part of the departing visitors in the new, rising, thus overall traffic. But if your site traffic is not – then join any banner networks do not provide tangible results. The second reason is the choice of the network itself.

New banner exchange network appear and disappear almost monthly, and not all are working ethically and not at all a good traffic. Here are some tips to help you identify good banner network: 1. Choose a mature network. If its domain is less than a year ago – a network of newcomers, and most likely without the strong sites, and significant traffic.