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Monthly Archives: May 2016


Integrated Facultieses

Any ratio of amount of alterations was not made. This work was approved by the Committee of Ethics in Research of the Integrated Facultieses of Brazil, pautado in consubstanciado seeming of research protocol numbers 027/2010. Criteria of exclusion: – lesser of 18 and above of 35 years of age; – gestantes; – women in menstrual period; – women in treatment for some type of severe alteration or in treatment for some infection; Source of research material:read more…



Are you sure you’re ready? Do dating after divorce causes many reactions in your children. One of the reasons of these reactions has to do with how well that you and your former spouse are now. Divorce is a major transition in life, but the dating after divorce they are another thing. It is possible that your children react in an unexpected way to appointments after the divorce. Known and get ready for this, because itread more…