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Monthly Archives: October 2013



If you already take some time in a Company Multinivel, working with the traditional methods, surely you will have yourself dice tells that the income that you hoped to obtain no they arrive as fast as you thought and you feel frustrated and downcast because them things are not being so easy as they said to you. The good news are that at the moment, in the heat of 21st century and thanks to the wonderread more…


Genesis Psychology

Cartwright and Zander (1971) defines the dynamics of group as a field of research dedicated to increasing knowledge about the nature of the groups, the laws of its development and its interrelations with individuals, another group and higher institutions. (quoted in Mailhiot Bernard Dinamica de Genesis de Grupo. 4.2.-PRINCIPLES OR FUNDAMENTALS OF GROUP DYNAMICS. We find principles or theoretical foundations of this discipline scattered in the context of social sciences. In this sense, has contributed toread more…


Westernized Shui

The breakdown of that balance produces consequences on the whole. Training required of the user when I see people buying books, relocating their furniture, applying what the commercial books advise, I see it really as fun up to Nice and that determined degree of suggestion, I think that it produces up to a certain effect for the simple fact of producing. Of course that this effect does not have any relationship with the effects produced byread more…


Steve Alpizar

There is a world with huge mysteries, many of them may be brewing at the corner of his house, but to be part of these new experiences it is necessary that your mind is open to receive them, what might these new experiences? They exist virtually endless possibilities, perhaps we want deep knowledge about the functioning of the life: creation, the illusion of time, levitation, the power of healing, the teleport, etc. All these things existread more…


The Constitution

We confuse information with knowledge; and knowledge, science and wisdom. Increasingly we seem more to a computer, which only serves to store and process data in its memory. And this is what we call culture, which at the same time confuse him with intelligence; only by having memory capacity. Kant in his time, already withdrew all knowledge contributed by others, that knowledge is founded where the most solid foundations and by the rigidity of its structure,read more…


Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle, one of the teachers of the secret film, talks about the law of attraction and its scientific foundations in three simple sentences resume us, all the science that we need to know to understand how the law of attraction and why we are creators of our own reality. Bob Doyle tells us also, and we agree with him, that these three undeniable principles can find them verified and explained extensively in almost any recentread more…


Municipal Foundation

This will be the last weekend where you can visit the fair of the book of Cadiz, installed from the past day 4 in the Baluarte de la Candelaria, perfectly connected with Hotel Monte Puertatierra, one of the four-star Cadiz Hotels. The fair has been dedicated to the Latin American literature of the 21st century.Final stages of the fair of the book of Cadiz for that reason, has counted with the presence of authors from severalread more…