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Monthly Archives: April 2014


Party Manifesto

Herculano one of the leaders of the movement was reached in the coasts, come to falecer moments later, but not before asking for to it that it continued the assembly. The souvenirs and description of the occurrence are so strong that the reader creates an image of war in the memory, soldiers shooting against a multitude armed only with the voice, dreams and red flags. The cavalry takes account of the square and Pagu is more…


Exclusion Society

The lack of use is the main cause of the poverty, the social exclusion and the inequality in the levels of rent and wealth and, therefore of opportunities of the people. In a frame of active policies of use, the law of labor insertion of the people in situation or risk of exclusion acquires a special relevance, since the customized aid for the use search seems to be one of the most effective interventions for theread more…


Rental Pallets

Note that the appearance of the pool is not connected with the desires other participants and their formation is as follows. Initially, some organization produces or buys pallets, organizing offices, repair, sorting and delivery of pallets, ie, invest in yourself its creation. When you contact the manufacturer of products for the acquisition cost of pallet will consist of: The cost of transport pallets; Fee for pallet manufacturer; Rental price (rubles per day); Repair broken pallets. Theread more…


Gymnasium Maguen David

Here in Brazil also we can perceive the importance daconstituio of these institutions for the foundation of the first school of the deJaneiro River in 1922, then at the beginning of first the great Jewish migratory flow it queaconteceu in years 20. The school if called Maguen David (shield of David), transformed later into Gymnasium Maguen David and, finally in the Brazilian ColgioHebreu, the Tijuca (VELTMAN, 1998). Initially the situation was so complicated, that at’ ‘read more…



If the same set of products and finely chop the mix will be a different taste. Quite a different taste, if Products grate layers – potatoes, pickles, meat, onions, covering each layer with mayonnaise. Examples of variants of a dense salad Next comes creativity, you can add different vegetables such as green peas, or carrots (to choose from – a raw, tucked sour cream, cooked, braised in milk, fried with spices such as turmeric or curryread more…