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Monthly Archives: November 2011


OJSC Engine

As the chairman of the board of directors of OJSC “Motor Sich” Vyacheslav Boguslayev, the development of the company – giving the initial phase of this new helicopter engine quality parameters: its subsequent modernization require additional engineering. And the plant is ready for this: first, in Kiev, a powerful design framework, and secondly, this year, “Motor Sich” will receive a certificate for the right to replace the engines and upgrading helicopters of the Soviet and Russianread more…


L’Oreal Cosmetics

The company L'Oreal was founded in 1909 (the year the company celebrates a hundred years) the French chemist Eugene Schueller. He was born in 1881 in a poor family confectioner. Inspired by the chemistry in college, Eugene comes in Sorbonne University, and ends in 1903 with a degree in chemical engineering. Soon he begins to engage in research in the field of hair coloring. While staining for hairdressers used henna and basma – dyes vegetable more…


Japanese Auto Auctions

Experts estimate 1.Avtomobil favorable contrast to buying a car at auction is that you get the car, knowing what state he is. Auction estimate – an aspect distinguishes the profitable auction of the auto market (especially when it comes to traditional car markets, squash). Assessment of the car conducted by experts, which give a true and describe in detail the technical condition of the vehicle, the condition of interior and exterior, so the likelihood to buyread more…



If this is a library, in this case it is advisable to choose furniture for the living room, staffed with shelves for books. Do not forget the lamp – it will create a comfort, and is indispensable for reading. If you plan to use your living room like a living room, you can not do without generic types of furniture – wall to living room. It can be said, a unique piece of furniture that neverread more…


Mystery Gift

So, if you notice that she still has not decided what kind of makeup would prefer and we are confident that it certainly is right for this pomade or this eyeliner – you can try. But not Remember that the schoolgirl should choose cosmetics for young skin – foundation 'for those over thirty' s obviously to anything. Still did not choose? Remember, do your charming schoolgirl any interests hobbies. She reads avidly? Give her a more…


Hightraffic Web

The main issue for any site in the modern Internet is poluchenievysokogo, and most importantly, stable trafika.Posle the site has been created and posted online before the site owner gets problematrafika. Under this nice term hides a concept such as the number of visits to the site. Even easier – how many people came on sayt.Kak usually sites of the place for a particular purpose. There are many solutions, from the desire to share information toread more…