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Football Club

Similar accidents in the organization has not previously been. State labor inspectors state institution of and Sports "Football Club" has not previously been tested. An accident with a cleaner area R.V.F. occurred in the last movement of the stairs leading from the technical corridor 164 in the basement room in the building of public institutions "Football Club". In 2001, the completed repair of the building. Project overhaul designed UE "Minskproekt" in 1998. Vida Vacation shares hisread more…


Large Format Printing On Banner Fabric

LARGE PRINT VUTEK. Our company has the best fleet of wide-format digital plotters and represents the latest development of new well-known American company Vutek. Reliability, speed and qualitative characteristics of the equipment, as well as the experience of our company (over 8 successful years in the market of large format printing) allowed us to produce millions of square meters of large- printing more than 5000 companies and advertising agencies. High print resolution up to 720dpi, theread more…


L’Oreal Cosmetics

The company L'Oreal was founded in 1909 (the year the company celebrates a hundred years) the French chemist Eugene Schueller. He was born in 1881 in a poor family confectioner. Inspired by the chemistry in college, Eugene comes in Sorbonne University, and ends in 1903 with a degree in chemical engineering. Soon he begins to engage in research in the field of hair coloring. While staining for hairdressers used henna and basma – dyes vegetable more…