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Monthly Archives: February 2014


In Brazil

They are tematizados the huge facts related the heroic personages, representing collective feelings and values. The verbs and the pronames almost always are in 3 person (IT). The epic texts estimate the presence of a listener or an auditorium; they are generally long and they tell to histories of a people or a nation, involving heroic adventures, wars, trips, gestures and present the valuation of heroes and its facts. In accordance with the specific structure assumedread more…


Current Usage

Current Usage XX The Navajo language is widely used by the Navajos of all ages, with over half of the Navajo people using it at home. subscriptions Many Navajo still transmit their parents native language to their children as their mother address tongue. Because of this the Navajo are one of the few magazine subscriptions American Indian tribes in territory that used their native language payment for everyday communication. However, the language is in decline, especiallyread more…


Power American Mining

The new Dodge Ram 2500 is the new van designed to work in mining and construction. This pick-up may charge more than one ton and a half of weight with its 350 horsepower, making it an excellent alternative for the industry. He makes his income. Divemotor, official representative of Dodge in the Peru, presented to the Peruvian market the new Dogde Ram 2500 Heavy Duty. Its features include its great power, load capacity, ample interior space,read more…