OJSC Engine

As the chairman of the board of directors of OJSC “Motor Sich” Vyacheslav Boguslayev, the development of the company – giving the initial phase of this new helicopter engine quality parameters: its subsequent modernization require additional engineering. And the plant is ready for this: first, in Kiev, a powerful design framework, and secondly, this year, “Motor Sich” will receive a certificate for the right to replace the engines and upgrading helicopters of the Soviet and Russian production. – In the future we intend to replicate the experience at the enterprises of Ukraine, Russia and third countries, – said Vyacheslav Boguslayev. – And it will be not only a possibility to obtain additional funds for the development of our enterprise, but also the embodiment of long-held dream aircraft designers from different cities of the former republics of the Union – to give a second life to the most mass and safe in its class MI-8 helicopter. I am very pleased that Kiev is the capital of aviation in our state. I am confident that the developments of JSC “Motor Sich” in this field will be the most widespread, and the largest user and customer helicopters of this class, the general director of OJSC “Airline YuTeyr” Andrei Martirosov. According to him, Mi withstood the test of time and in great demand. – Certainly, the engines that are equipped these units are in need of modernization.

And we are very grateful to the “Motor Sich” and personally Vyacheslav Boguslayev for what they have taken the liberty to make such a huge and important work. I am convinced that our airline will be one of the main customers for these products Zaporizhzhya enterprises – said Andrey Martirosov. In addition, at this point between the JSC “Motor Sich” and OJSC “Airline YuTeyr” talks are underway about how to set one of the helicopters, owned by airlines, more modern model of the engine – MI-8MVT. Not so long ago he successfully tested, raising the height of the helicopter more than eight miles! This achievement allowed the “Motor Sich” recommend to the engine of mass exploitation, and at the moment it passes the state tests in Gatchina (Russia) – at the request of the Ministry of Defense. – Recently, the cooperation of Ukraine and Russia in the field aircraft engine went from declarative statements to specific cases – already signed a number of related agreements.