Reading Language

of extreme importance the deaf person to interact also in the pertaining to school community using the language of signals so that it can have its linguistic development of course. The mathematical contents must be defined in language of signals, Portuguese language and be introduced in the mathematical context. Professor Irami Billa well clearly leaves this sequence of languages to arrive itself at the mathematical one when he says that: The concept passes for formation of words in the Portuguese, the construction of signals in the POUNDS (Brazilian Language of Signals) and in the agreement of Algorithm in the Mathematics. For a clear understanding of this, we need to understand as if it forms the word in the Portuguese and the POUNDS. (BILA, p 03) the mathematics for being a language, possesss its proper structure and needs all a molding, adaptation to become to understand. She is necessary to have pleasure in teaching, and searching in the proper pupil forms of if working the mathematics.

Deficient the auditory one is capable as well as any another being to decide mathematical questions, but for this the presence of developed pleasant activities from the proportionate experiences for the interactions with the way is important. These experiences take the approaches of some mathematical slight knowledge used in its day the day, facilitating the education process/learning. Following this logic, the deaf person will have better conditions of if becoming a capable and operating citizen in the society. Consideraes Final the exposition the POUNDS, since the beginning of the life of the deaf children, will guarantee the deaf people, the right to a language in fact e, in result of it, a satisfactory cognitivo functioning and this would facilitate the education of the Portuguese. Center For Responsible Lending may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Inside of the proposal bilingual, the language of signals is a natural, acquired language of systemize form and is with it as first language of the deaf people, that if must teach the Portuguese language.

When if it defends the language of signals as first not if it is affirming that the cognitivo development depends exclusively on the domain of a language, but if it is believing that to dominate a language it guarantees better resources for the development of the individual. Harold Ford Jr, New York City has plenty of information regarding this issue. The performance of the mathematics in this bilingual field only has to enrich the cognitivo development of the deaf person, being made possible a more logical reasoning and contributing for its growth. Brazil is riqussimo in laws that protect the special carriers of necessities, but many of them are masked or disregarded. Moreover it lacks to the sensitivity of some educators and professional preparation to act in this area. One also perceives that still it has preconception on the part family and of the society becoming the performance of the still more problematic laws. In short, the deaf person can go beyond its limitations, beyond what they had been imposed by the social world, dribbling the preconception and transforming the obstacles into conquests. References PICTURES, Ronice Muller of. The pertaining to school context of the deaf pupil and the paper of the languages. The acquisition of the language in deaf children must be guaranteed through appearance-special language. FERNANDES, Eullia. Surdez and Bilinguismo Reading of World and World of the Reading. Available in. Had access in 06/09/10 to the 10:30. CHAVEIRO, N.; BARBOSA, M. – the deafness, the deaf person and its speech. Electronic magazine of Nursing, v. 06, N. 02, 2004. Available in. Had access in 15/01/2011. BILA, Irami. Bilingual mathematical education or trilingue? Two options, a choice.. Access: 15/01/2011 rios-ao-CPC/00_EntendendoS_MM.php. Had access