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Reading Language

of extreme importance the deaf person to interact also in the pertaining to school community using the language of signals so that it can have its linguistic development of course. The mathematical contents must be defined in language of signals, Portuguese language and be introduced in the mathematical context. Professor Irami Billa well clearly leaves this sequence of languages to arrive itself at the mathematical one when he says that: The concept passes for formation ofread more…


Music And Movement

Third act Swimming pool in the house of Arthur. Taxman of beetous touches music. galera dances in the swimming pool. Carlos immediately sights rose and goes in its direction. Carlos: – oi impolite! Rose: – Oi! Carlos: – how he passed the night? Rose: – well! I call rose! Carlos: – pleasure! I call Carlos! You seem to know what she wants rose! Rose: – it is! Since very new that I am determined! Carlos: –read more…


Brazil Artists

The indifference with the Brazilian Artist Is lamentable that until the pureness of the art it is reached in our parents for the bourgeoisie, and for the supremacy of who orders more, and of who it has more. If to stop to think and to use the logical mathematics, has thousand of artists in our country, and many if forming to each day, and now I ask Where they are all? We can count in theread more…


Foundation Victor Civita

RESULTS/QUARREL: Analyzing the answers of the applied questionnaire, we must focar the orientation in special in the series of basic education, where bigger cases of bullying and with a great number of pupils had been detected who did not know that they suffered and/or they committed bullying. With the activities carried through after the lecture and the exploration of the subject, we can observe that bullying had fall of pupils committing, in consequence, also diminishes theread more…