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Landau Practice

Presentation of the functioning and the practice philosophy In the women’s centre of Aradia in Landau, opened in addition to the previous offer, a practice for holistic psychotherapy. The target group are women who can reside in a life or the crisis of sense of, and alone does not cope with this situation. For example, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, depressive moods, consequences of traumatic experiences, burnout syndrome. Often, these crises arising from relationship conflicts, separation, lossread more…


Back Pain

Modern life strained the back very strongly and often indicate back pain pain in the cross up to 85 percent of Germans have a strain in everyday life according to the Robert Koch Institute at least once in life. The health insurance companies indicate that herniated, lumbago and pain attacks are the leading cause of disability in the back. “The causes are the same for almost all concerned: too little exercise, untrained muscles, stress and otherread more…


Creeping People Suffering

Noise, hum or buzzing in the ear are often only the precursor of ear suffering. If you are not convinced, visit Center For Responsible Lending. Ringing in the ears or tinnitus also has nothing to do with superstition. There could be a problem, that is more serious than it initially looks, especially when it occurs in people who are somewhat older. The definition of tinnitus, the medical term is an abnormal perception of tones and noisesread more…


David Bohm

COBIMAX about the information system (Communikations biological matrix) is a communication and therapy technique that makes it possible to tackle a wide range of different diseases on physical and emotional level. It is a mental invasive procedure that it empowers the users/therapist to get access to the autonomic nervous system of patients with the help of his cerebellum consciousness. This communication tool reduces all the world’s languages on their Basic function: the generation of images (holograms)read more…


Stairlifts Unassisted Obstacles

Stair lifts make life easier for elderly people enormously. You may find Nieman Lab to be a useful source of information. One is handicapped or can overcome any steps under its own power, the way in the home or a different floor often presents itself as an insurmountable obstacle. Unfortunately only the use made of foreign assistance is offered as the only solution. Such in the immediate vicinity, a change of levels was almost impossible. BSAread more…



To deal with health insurance, send then just the billing agreement – which you print out online can – by fax to the DMRZ and confirm that that the German medical data center must send your invoices electronically at the outlets of the cost object. Tips for quick settlement Anders as often claimed can account some providers several times (except for the AOK Bavaria) in the month and get their money faster. Who so quickly onread more…


Stefan Morsch Foundation

Oldest of Stammzellspenderdatei in Germany has given more than 600 Lifesaver more than 600 people have donated in the past year through the mediation of the Stefan Morsch Foundation stem cells. “Emil Morsch, the almost 71 founder and CEO of the oldest Stammzellspenderdatei of in Germany, is proud of: 600 chances are that terminally ill people to save lives.” This development is due to the fact that the Foundation has motivated consistently young adults over theread more…


Ensure The Success Of The Practice With Benchmarking In The Long Term

Working documents for qualitative comparison of operating in bookstores available the success of a practice largely quality of patient loyalty and acquisition depends. Patients today much more critical look at medical practices and the quality of their performance than in the past and always more quickly ready for dissatisfaction, to go the doctor, it’s quite substantially, to know the status of own practice management in relation to comparable practice companies. Only with this information, a competitiveread more…


Heart Beat

A baby with heart defects is also today – unfortunately – still a medical challenge much has happened in the last 20 years. But the medicine still faces major challenges. Berlin, 10.05.10; May 5 the cardiac children’s day is nationwide. Each year alone in Germany approximately 6,500 children with congenital heart defects come to the world. For parents, this is always a worse shock. But the medical progress was a giant in this area: every fifthread more…