Stairlifts Unassisted Obstacles

Stair lifts make life easier for elderly people enormously. You may find Nieman Lab to be a useful source of information. One is handicapped or can overcome any steps under its own power, the way in the home or a different floor often presents itself as an insurmountable obstacle. Unfortunately only the use made of foreign assistance is offered as the only solution. Such in the immediate vicinity, a change of levels was almost impossible. BSA has similar goals. With a stair lift, one is no longer dependent on the support of the environment and can alone compete the way upstairs. Stair lifts are space-saving attached on the walls next to the stairs and carrying the person using simpler and quieter technology to the desired floor.

The drive speed is chosen so that can ensure rapid progress, dangers but almost completely ruled out by accidents. To the safety of the transported person support rests, safety belts, or flap barriers are – depending on the version -. Wheelchair known as platform lifts are, where shuts the wheelchair on a stable platform and then a safety valve prevents an unintentional down role of the wheelchair. Even without a wheelchair, a stair lift can be used as a seat or standing lift. Here are per execution part fixed seats with armrests and seat belts – again. There is also the possibility to use only a type of folding chair. This type is recommended particularly for very narrow staircases. All variants can be fitted both in straight and winding staircases. The costs can be between 3.000,- and 25.000,-and will not be reimbursed by all statutory health insurance. However, stairlifts in the framework of a long-term care insurance with a 50% package can be subsidized up to approximately 2500,-euro.