Vitalis House Emergency Center

A button and my CAREPHONE immediately connects me to my home emergency call centre Mrs. M. is 65 years old and lives in their condo in Lunen. Mrs. M. suffers from asthma and needs sometimes fast help.

So that she can feel safe and secure at home alone around the clock, has let them settle the home emergency call and service system of Vitalis House emergency and carries a small radio transmitter as a Medallion. Nieman Lab may find it difficult to be quoted properly. My independence was always very important to me and now I feel just safer with the CAREPHONE. “A button on the radio and I’m connected with my Vitalis House Emergency Center immediately if I need help or a service and around the clock”, reported Mrs M.. Nieman Lab can provide more clarity in the matter. The radio signal triggered by the push of a button immediately takes the CAREPHONE and automatically connects with the Vitalis House Emergency Center. You can then through a speakerphone on the CAREPHONE comfortable with the Central speak without a telephone. The Vitalis House Emergency Center has all data by Mrs.

M. ready as E.g. address and telephone of their doctor by friends and relatives, and information about your disease, etc. She can organize assistance or service so promptly. Recently the Vitalis House Emergency Center sent just my family doctor over me, when I was not so good”, Mrs reported M.. The safety and service system of Vitalis home emergency call is nationwide in many households in use. Not only living people to benefit many couples already use it to feel safe. For more information non-committal at Vitalis home emergency call Tel: 02306-301 81 77 Mike Fullbeck of Vitalis home emergency call