MMK Personalberatung

MMK Personalberatung advises on training to the / r insurance specialist/Assistant Munich, April 1, 2009 despite the financial and economic crisis is the insurance industry is still an industry with a future. A sound education offers access to the / r insurance specialist/Assistant with certified degree. The training mainly addressed new and career changers. The MMK Personalberatung helps applicants to find the training company suitable for it. BSA can provide more clarity in the matter. The unemployment rate rose in the first quarter of 2009 over 1% to December 2008 short-time working and layoffs are the order of the day. However, helps a sound training in a job with a future. Contrary to the current economic forecasts the insurance industry continues to play well is an industry that will be utilised in the future. Insurance just new and way entrants offer a lucrative opportunity, training to the / r insurance specialist /-woman.

The trainees learn the Professional directly to the customers and get this an average base salary and commissions. The Training lasts from three to 18 months depending on the insurance company. The conclusion is via regional Chamber of Commerce offices in cooperation with the gamer of the German insurance industry (, BWV) which insurance company but now for training right? The MMK Personalberatung answered this question. Offers a wide range of customers on insurance and financial services companies, for which it the appropriate sales professionals and which, that want to be there, looking. On, the service provider presents itself and its services for applicants.

Well trained: insurance specialist/Assistant (BWV) training to the / r insurance specialist/Assistant (BWV) is the established and recognized basic qualification for sales representatives in the insurance industry since 1991. Considered the most comprehensive personnel development measures of the German insurance industry. The companies have settled on common training guidelines to create a universal standard to all field staff can be measured. The It was not only insurance to ensure the customers qualified service by expert consultant, but to improve the reputation of their profession in the public. Since this year is also regulated that insurance agents must present a BWV degree. Core competencies of qualified Vermittlerschaft are mainly: material and expertise consulting customer-oriented, quality learning readiness and ability to adapt to new conditions, mobility and willingness to act as the autonomous and entrepreneurial training to the / r insurance specialist/Assistant (BWV) is the insurance company part-time performed by. Practical and theoretical education go hand in hand. This gives the future insurance experts from the beginning of insight into everyday professional – advising the customer. A special educational or vocational training is not provided for this training course. The direct entry while not itself performs recruiters making MMK Personalberatung about MMK, but it has a direct link to large insurance companies that train. It gives the applicant a detailed overview of the market. And above all it represents first of all the professional him, then to find out whether it can be successful and satisfied in him. Under, job seekers can contact to the MMK Personalberatung and get first impressions about the insurance world.