A New Cold War

Bipolar Order. It received this name therefore was constituted of two world-wide powers, the United States of America and the Soviet Union, that incessantly searched the supremacy of the world. This search if summarized in a race of technological developments and space, without the existence of no armed confrontation direct between the two powers, for this not-spilling of blood received the alias name Cold. Observing in the space between lineses, we can evidence that really no direct conflict between U.S.A. and the Ussr did not occur but, between the countries that were allies to these powers had occurred some conflicts, revolutions and blows politicians, that is, a war that had consequences in the whole world. With the ideological character, the Cold War broke all the ideas of world-wide conflicts until then existing. Additional information is available at Nieman Lab. The world suffered with the consequncias of World War II, and already more was not thought about guaranteeing the global hegemony through great fights and> armed conflicts.

It was necessary to show to the world the supremacy through its production and of its technological development. This made with that U.S.A. and the Ussr invested the maximum in the production of great nuclear weapons, bombs, and as clearer demonstration, in the space race, where they disputed the biggest possible exploration of the space, thus symbolizing, a universal power. In this race who obtained to advance more in the exploration of the space had been U.S.A. with the arrival of the man to the Moon in 1969. After six decades, the world meets, indirectly, in a situation that can be considered a new ideological war formed by the countries of the North against the countries of the South. This war can be understood with the same ideology of the Cold War: the technological power. The countries detainers of the great discoveries and the great technological advances are situated in the hemisphere north, already the countries that are to the edge of these advances are situated in the south hemisphere.

This division of conquests, placing the technological domain at the hands of some countries, makes with that the other excluded countries of these resources always become dependents of the great powers. The underdeveloped countries or in development (former-colonies) are the main victims of this submission. Brazil, for example, exports raw material and purchase products industrialized gotten from its proper raw material. This commercial relation finishes more enriching each time the country manufacturer of that product, therefore the raw material only corresponds to a parcel of the total value of the product. Another great problem faced for the underdeveloped countries, had to this marginalizao, is the difficulty in patenting a proper scientific discovery, searchs as example the discovery of Santos Dumont: Santos Dumont half invented the first one of transport that propagated on air, but the North Americans do not accept and they do not attribute to this invention the Santos Dumont. With this, we can perceive that this supremacy economic cited above, together with other factors politicians, it finishes generating, exactly that almost imperceptibly, one disputes of the proper powers for the world-wide power. Visibly, this is the hypothesis most accepted on the clarification of the current situation of the world, or will be that in full century XXI, with all gotten the scientific and technological knowledge, countries will be imported in destroying other countries and to exterminar thousand of people to reach the world-wide hegemony? George Souza