To the Among other things also the food and nutrition, which quite clearly was able to improve his result is one of sectors which could most effectively use their online advertising in the second quarter. This time’s did not click above all the click-through rate in the second quarter of 2010 less failed than to the beginning of the year. Only the areas of services, entertainment and media, drinks as well as telecommunications and Internet recorded above-average click-through rates. Particularly poor value for the sector is energy. 0.35 (median 1.00) he was ranked last again. “In addition to negligence in the design and placement of advertising material here, too, the mood of consumers in the face of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will cause”, so Jan Winkler.

“The extremely poor performance is not difficult to explain.” The effective CPM’s were the sectors of food/nutrition, education/art/culture and traffic in the first quarter with little budget comparatively high ranges can achieve, not quite succeeded in the following quarter. The most efficient areas baby/children and health/medicines reached the individual users. With the relatively lowest eTKP (effective thousands of contact price) she got the nose forward. The investments in the field of entertainment/media were particularly high and how likely was in the energy sector. “A clear indication of shortcomings in the selection of the advertising channel and missing optimization by targeting and frequency capping”, judge Jan Winkler. Trading and shipping recommendations heed their online advertising efficiency within three months almost doubled during trading and shipping, achieved the energy sector only little more than a quarter of its output value of the first quarter. But also other sectors of the economy have catching up to do in terms of efficiency of advertising on the Web. So the area giving away the advantage of the best compared click-through rate by expensive ad space entertainment/media.

Exactly to the contrary, it behaves in the baby/children’s area: “more care in the placement and” Design of advertising materials could gild”the good eTKP with good click-through rates, Jan Winkler outlines the path to greater efficiency of advertising on the Web. The second ranking of the AdEfficiency can be downloaded at presse.0.html. The index for the online advertising efficiency is further quarterly published. Image material is like made available on request. A specimen copy requested. Economic areas correspond to the market system by Nielsen Media Research.