Apartment Repairs

Repairs on the staircase, the elevator platform and the common areas is not one of the problems to be solved in an apartment house. Nieman Foundation will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Since DEZy rarely spend this kind of repair work, and if carried out, it is often allocating small budget for repairs, which is enough except that the painting of the walls and in rare cases, the replacement of elevators, and usually not all, but only those that are already close to the emergency condition. The same situation occurs with lighting and garbage disposal. In those houses which formed TSG, the issue of repairs to the floors, and does not lose its relevance. Since the HOA, in most cases responsible for repair of the entrance, elevators and other areas of communications and Engineering is used by all tenants, and the area on each floor is given to keeping residents of this floor. Thus, repairs on the same elevator platform and tenants in common corridors hold their own. Although this there is some advantage, as the tenants themselves are selected floor maintenance crews are selected floor tiles, paint or other coating for walls and other materials based on their preferences in the field of interior decoration and budget, which they can build on it. In the case of home control specialist management company, responsible for repair options for floors depend on the contract with the management company.

In this case, repairs to floor, just often enough remains for the occupants of this floor. This situation, in most cases leads to the unfortunate situation on the floors. These include: a constant smell of garbage, filled with walls, not working elevator buttons, elevator door, popping, etc. And all this is due to the fact that even a small number of tenants (neighbors) can not or will not even try to negotiate with each other about making repairs, dumping the responsibility on each Friend or DES, condominiums, and finally to state power. Thus, to bring to your guests to your home, we first conduct them through a terrible barn, which ends just behind the iron door, which costs comparable to the replacement boot musoroprovodnogo valve, installing new door bells, putting in order all lights and buttons to the elevator.

Door neighbor may be quite small compared with the cosmetic renovation of all common areas. In some cases, this situation leads to a completely ridiculous situations. For example, in some houses, where in perfect condition contained entrance, elevators and house territory, in absolutely deplorable condition of the common areas on floors and in newly constructed homes, they generally have not seen repairs, normal light, and room floor. Unfortunately, no changes in the foreseeable future planned and responsible for the repair of common areas on each floor – are residents of this floor. And while the neighbors begin to negotiate with each other to conduct repairs, the situation has not changed.