Assembly Alker

Highest precision for the individual winter garden, the Managing Director and founder of the WIGATEC glass and Metallbau GmbH Rudolf Richter was delighted the local politician and Deputy Chairman of the CDU faction Elke Brunnemer together with Assistant Director and head of the Department of rural areas to be able to welcome regional development and geographical information in the Ministry for nutrition and rural Hartmut Alker in the premises of his company. Judges opened the visit with a brief historical outline of the beginning and development. Furthermore, he pointed the visitor on the planned enlargement of its operations. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nieman Lab offers on the topic.. “Just such SMEs are important and characteristic of the Kraichgau”, MdL Brunnemer paid tribute to the effort of the family entrepreneur. Judge demonstrated the various work steps on his tour through the operation. Judge very vividly portrayed both internal processes and logistical challenges and the Assembly work. In addition to Brunnemer and Alker had including the Sinsheimer Mayor Achim Kessler, the County Council, Dr.

Horst Sieber and the CDU Bundestag Group Chairman in the Municipal Council of Friedhelm Zoller, CDU – city Association Chairman Markus Kinzel, Chairman of the CDU local Association series Willibald Honig and other interested local politicians found. “An example of the well-run successful and innovative operation,” Hartmut Alker praised organized operations and the effective design of the available space at the end of the tour of the company. “Elke Brunnemer and I will support these good impressions to Stuttgart in the Ministry and the group”, Alker pledged to continue. Finally, also framework for a well-functioning middle class, such as for example the connection to wide band cabling were discussed. Brunnemer and Alker reminded here of the programs, which supported the expansion of the “fast Internet” with funding. The Landtag thanked Rudolf Richter for the visit and the good insight into the operation: “I am happy if” I see a well functioning operation that is steadily evolving and manages to create more jobs in rural areas. This is to support and promote.” Contact: Wigatec glass – und Metallbau GmbH Sagmuhlweg 4 6 74889 Sinsheim-series phone (0 72 61) 40 54-0 fax (0 72 61) 40 54-299 press contact Rudolf Richter phone (0 72 61) 40 54-0 fax (0 72 61) 40 54-299 Wigatec stands for winter gardening in perfection: specializing in handcrafted high quality services in aluminium and glass.

In contrast to industrial production, Wigatec manufactures almost exclusively unique pieces for end customers and specialist dealers in all over southern Germany. All winter gardens, balconies, canopies, carports, canopies, Windows and doors in-house manufactured since 1993. Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Wigatec and is one of the most important success factors. At the beginning of each cooperation is an intensive expert advice as well as a Complete package, that includes also solutions to problems such as ventilation, heating, shading and privacy protection in the field of winter gardens.