The 5 frequencies of BodyAnalyzer advanced allow a wide variety of detailed and exact measurements. The device calculates the following values: body weight intracellular liquid extra cellular liquid water content of the body (TBW) protein, minerals, ossale minerals appendage of the body fat-free mass (FFM) body fat in % (PBF) body muscle skeletal muscle mass body-mass-index (BMI) % body fat ratio of waist to hip (WHR) tissue dropsy display (EXF/TF) BMR (BMR in kcal) segmental analysis: intracellular liquid extra cellular liquid water mass fat muscles ossale minerals Weight management: weight level target weight weight fat control muscle control obesity analysis: degree of obesity, percentage of body fat, obesity levels, WHR subcutaneous abdominal fat, visceral abdominal fat nutritional analysis: protein, fat and minerals-level. Bodyanalyzer customer Testemonial: body & mind in Remagen 15 years we operate the health Studio body & mind in Remagen. 10 years ago we have started to position ourselves in the healthcare market. Thus, we have separated us from the low-cost carriers and avoid a ruinous price war. The positioning in the healthcare market was about cooperation with health insurance companies, doctors and a professional nutrition consultation the actiwita success according to. The health network was built with the doctors and health insurance companies on the introduction of rehabilitation sports, the regular implementation of prevention courses and targeted marketing campaigns.

With the BodyAnalyzer for me do GmbH was another important building block in the customer service and the Public relations in the direction of medical and health-oriented alignment performed. Already in the first week, we have generated additional sales volume amounting to 1,500 by selling nutrition courses, nutrition consultations and regular health checks with the introduction of the body analyser. With the for me do BodyAnalyzer we have a unique selling point compared to our competitors and win up to 50 new customers per month by regular health-promotion and marketing campaigns.