Every Five Days A Person Dies Without A Home In Spain

EFE the median age of the deceased is 47 years. 27% Died to be the victim of aggression. The director of the Center for host Assis has decided to advance the first results of the study before the grave situation that we are living in Spain. A total of 473 homeless people have died in Spain since 2006, one every five days. Of them, 27% died to be victim of assaults, 8% by hypothermia and 14% had an accident leaving lit fire to protect themselves from the cold, according to a study in the Centre of Barcelona host Assis. This reception centre, which has 9 employees and 200 volunteers, is a non profit foundation 11 years ago by parishes in the District of Sarria, Barcelona, and attends every day to 120 homeless people who subsist begging and malviviendo through the streets of Barcelona. Host Assis Center began in 2006, after the death of Rosario Endrinal, a destitute who died burned to be sprayed with a flammable liquid by two young men while he slept in a cashier of Barcelona, to collect news about deaths of beggars in all Spain. Between 1 January 2006 and the 30th October, Assis Center has collected 809 news of 120 different media about deaths of people without homes in Spain and with their data has produced the report direct, structural and cultural violence exercised against people homeless in Spain 2006-2012?.Only the tip of iceberg, the director of the Centre, Jesus Ruiz, reported that the results of the study, to be published complete early next year, indicate that every five days dies a person homeless on any street of Spain.

The average age of the deceased is 47 years and one of every 10 victims is a woman. In this period there have been six deaths of homeless people in Spain by crushing because they slept in garbage containers and 25% of the deceased were from natural causes, whether by natural causes is considered dying in the street, Ruiz has pointed out. Poisoning, drowning, sunburn, falls and abuses are other causes of deaths of homeless people who have died in the street, according to this study. We consider that the actual numbers of deaths are only the tip of iceberg, because deaths of homeless data are not collected by any official body, pointed out Ruiz. The Assis reception centre director has explained that it has decided to advance the first results of the study before the grave situation that we are living in Spain with the evictions of families who can’t pay their mortgages or rentals. See more: every five days dies a person homeless in Spain