Eye Injuries In Babies

To baby do not hurt your eyes own nails, they must be nuts timely obrezat. baby toys, we should think, if he could it injure his eye. In recent months, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has been very successful. Items from fragile materials, which have sharp Territory and the ugl often cause severe eye damage, especially when hit in the hands of me lyshey. PCRM has firm opinions on the matter. On selling toys are usually written, for what age they are before the appointed. These toys, like guns, shooting marbles, slingshots, bows, i like them, can cause large neschastiy.Sleduet clean needles, pins, nails, scissors, knives, forks and other piercing-cutting items out of reach of small children mesta.Nado accustom the child to ensure that the joinery and lathe work demand! certain general and personal funds that protect the eyes from mechanical injury – screens, goggles. Mechanical injury is a result of falling into the eye slit of a foreign body: a speck of dust pieces of coal, metal fragments emery wheel. Even the superficially lying in the palpebral fissure foreign body causes photophobia, lacrimation, compression century, a sharp pain. It may be under age, or on the cornea. It is not recommend that you remove yourself, because you can cause serious complications. If this happens, we should impose on the eye patch and as soon as possible to deliver the baby in the supine position to a doctor.