Foundation Marine Robert

The contact with the existing technologies is not enough, to know the techniques of its use. Most important it is to make one critical use of these apparatuses and its languages, so that the pedagogical ones are become rich practical. To the times the radio and the TV are neglected because of the computer, of the Internet, cellular and the other technological pedlar’s wares and professor it forgets that the radio and the television are excellent resources that can be worked of diverse forms in classroom. When the professors will be prepared for use not only of the radio and the television, but of all the technological instruments that appear almost in the market that daily, certainly they will be felt prepared to include the same ones in the plans, in the projects, also in projects interdisciplinares since the daily pay school until superior education. In the truth the graduation courses currently leave very to desire in this aspect, therefore the professional of the education just formed is leaving the full university of doubts and uncertainties on the use of the technologies in its practical professional.

The reality of my formation audiovisual as educator was not different, of the majority of the pupils of my time who studied mainly in schools of the interior, therefore in the decade of 80 when I made the course of the teaching these instruments were not led for classroom. In the decade of 90 when I made my graduation I did not have access to the technological apparatus of the time, then my position as educator also with regard to the audiovisuais always was very restricted, when the technological Kit in the school arrived was that I passed to be interested itself for the use of the same, but felt me unprepared. I worked in telessala of the Foundation Marine Robert, liked, I learned sufficiently, therefore it had many qualifications for the educators of the project, was a rewarding experience and to few I was reading, searching, making entire me on the subject in the New magazine School and other publications that present the new features of the world of the education, always with tips and suggestions practical to be worked in classroom.