Gallup International

According to soundings of the Ipsos company Support Opinion and Market, Morals counted to June with 57 percent of approval and to Julio with 59. In agreement with Surveys & Studies of the group Gallup International, the support to Morals in Julio, were of 4.31 in a scale from 1 to 7. According to these data, bureaucracy today is better positioned than in January of 2006 when it assumed the control. If the departments (provinces) opposite to Morals do not appear to referendo, they invalidate or it, the president will go to the legal endorsement that ratifies its mandate. If the town goes to the voting the adversaries to the regime will lose. In Santa Cruz the second city in importance is the unique place where the opposition has possibility of winning. With the victory Morals one will completely appropriate Bolivia, placing prefects (governors) to finger in all the departments that support to him.

Perhaps in order to calm the cruceos spirits, it will offer to give back to the local authorities the rents confiscated of the taxes to hydrocarbons. If that does not satisfy the Eastern town, will be confrontation. Evo Morales well is not received in the autonomous departments. There is lost dominion on half of the country, every day trastabilla more, and continues coming clean about his totalitarian deliriums. Its last act of despotism was to order that it does not know the Constitutional Court who questioned referendo revocatory on illegal, and insisted not to accept the regulations of the neoliberal organs of the state, in cynical challenge to the democratic institutionality. In recent rudeness, it expressed: " When some jurist says to me: Evo, you are being mistaken legally, that you are doing is illegal. Good, I put to him no matter how hard he is illegal.

Later I say to them to the lawyers: If he is illegal, legalize you why they have studied? ". The sensible solution instead of the split head open one referendo, would be to summon to general elections within a year, being guaranteed the security of all the Bolivians, including the one of which they left the country from fear of retaliation of the government. That would allow the return of I exile to ex- minister of Carlos defense Sanchez Berzan, to whom the Bolivian regime fears and harasses, for being the unique one that has the experience, capacity and anger to agglutinate and to unify to the frustrated opposition. Original author and source of the article.