How The New Year Comes With Everything!

HOW THE NEW YEAR COMES WITH EVERYTHING! Prof. Me. Ciro Toaldo As the time passes! Three hundred and sixty and five days had been there! It will be that we can say that we lock up this cycle with the satisfaction of the fulfilled duty? We live a time of parties, congratulaes and a great expectation stops with this new time that if it initiates. It will be that this cycle that finishes was better that the previous cycle? Humanity, justice, fraternity and charity had been gifts in this cycle that finishes? I believe that we must have the courage to evaluate this cycle of 2011 that it finishes, not only of how much we earn in term of corporeal property, but also to perceive how much we lose, to have correct dimension to take innovative decisions for two a thousand and twelve. We do not go to forget that the life does not finish in thirty and one of December and two a thousand and eleven.

New objectives must be established, new commitments must be firmed and if not to exist planning for this new stage, the prosperity and the growth will not go to happen. Reading friends who had folloied in them in elapsing of 2011: plus one year if finda, plus a circle in return of the complete sun if, the days, the weeks, the months and the stations had come and if they had been and one everything starts again with days, weeks and months stop to be lived. The life cannot be made only of desires; we cannot always be in the command of everything, but the certainty is that we need to make something so that the plans and goals are materialize and if they become resulted positive the next year will be different to become different things and will be equal to become what it was made in this year. You who folloied our articles, are a special gratefulness, therefore she was with your intent reading that we gain force, courage and will to continue our mission. We do not go to forget: the life will be what to desire that it is and the success will depend on the enthusiasm.

We are a privileged people, therefore we have the liberty of speech and the medias that our messages divulge. Expensive friends: that in the new year let us can look at front and to firm an intention to make with that the life in firm community if in the principles of the faith, hope and of charity, therefore we are wise, safe, honest and courageous creatures. Let us continue believing God, the family and the good values. Plus one year it passes and a new year if it initiates. We have pride in being part of the team of this important one media. I thank to the confidence and desire the reading votes of happiness and accomplishments in the new year that it initiates. That in this new time let us have few desires, but many and repletas accomplishments and that let us be together in all the twelve and a thousand year two, with faith, health and prosperity.