You want the answer truth? Dejame preguntarte something That you know to do? If that is what but you like. Comenzemos with some personal questions. That harias if you did not have to run after the money? – Cocinarias all the day – Escribirias histories and stories all the day – Disearias Web sites all the day – Hablarias in your own program of radio all the day that there are many returned supplies that way giving, I have seen also them and itself seeing on a daily basis, but a day I said STOP! and comenze to watch inwards. I have always liked to teach, always I was in contact with the enemy with people and nothing I like but that to change to the life of them, wise whom tapeworm experience in businesses and better even wise than podia to pass on them. Then reformulate the question of the title of this article and I gave again aloud.

As I begin my project in Internet? The answer deberia of to be by conocerte same. It takes a pencil and paper right now and there are a list of the things that but you like, soon agregale 2 columns and marks with the 10 numbers from the 1 your experience in each field. Sincere with same you, nobody has 10 in some field, but at least you servira to have a base and to know if some area that really gets passionate lack to you even to be developed.