Jennifer Lopez

A woman only Truth is said. I am not I eat you I waited. I am not one barbie pretty to follow it the parties. Not, I do not have a pair of seios of silica of 300 ml each. I also do not have one bumbum as of the Jennifer Lopez. But he is clearly that I am much more of what you wait. Much more of what you can pay.

E perhaps until much more of what you deserve. I am faithful to my feelings. I will be with you when you to want really me. if I to say that I do not love you, my eyes to ahead deny I go me of you. I speak before thinking. I speak without thinking. if I am with you, not even I know to think.

I do not think about nothing. I do not want nothing more He does not lose its time with me. I am not a body that you planned to pass the night. I am not a mouth that has of being kissed by somebody I do not need its money. Much less of its car. Perhaps but, I need its strong arms. Of its hot hands. Of its col pra to lie down to me. Of its advice, when I do not know what to make with my future With my life I do not go to ask for nothing material and nor I go to charge what you cannot give But has a thing that I need. I need that when you will be with me, I am entirely Body and soul. To the times more soul. To the times more body But please, it does not give false promises to me. I not me deceit with expensive gifts. Not, I am not for sale. I do not import myself where you deferred payment, since that you know the way for my house.