L’Oreal Cosmetics

The company L'Oreal was founded in 1909 (the year the company celebrates a hundred years) the French chemist Eugene Schueller. He was born in 1881 in a poor family confectioner. Inspired by the chemistry in college, Eugene comes in Sorbonne University, and ends in 1903 with a degree in chemical engineering. Soon he begins to engage in research in the field of hair coloring. While staining for hairdressers used henna and basma – dyes vegetable origin.

In the opinion of his wife, Eugene Schueller knew that these funds are difficult to use and do not give the desired shades. The result of research by Mr. Schueller in 1907 became the first synthesized by hair dye, which was named L'Aureale. For the production of paint in the same year was made 'a French company for the production of harmless hair dyes. " L'Aureale begins to enjoy great demand among hairdressers. In 1909, the company gets the name of L'Oreal. The new spelling of company name combines the images associated with the French words l'or (Gold) and the aureole (halo).

A hundred years of its existence, has become a major L'Oreal cosmetics company with offices around the world and stabidnym income for the year 2008 net profit amounted to 1,948 billion, L'Oreal also enjoys great popularity as a world star. and ordinary people around the world .. Main events in the history of the company. 1928 – E. Schueller buys 'Monsavon', which will produce best selling soap in France. 1929 – The emergence of the organic paint Immedia, started publishing the magazine 'Votre Beaute' ('Your Beauty').