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Spot date at the study centre in Saarbrucken, Germany with the German University of prevention and health management DHfPG has a nationally recognized, private college that focuses on Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for the market of the future prevention, fitness, sports and health of the State of Saarland. End of 2013 is already over 4,400 students enrolled at the College. Currently, 3,000 companies and institutions to study at the DHfPG qualify their own specialists and executives, and that not only in the Saarland. Because nationwide study centres in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Osnabruck, Saarbrucken and Stuttgart) as well as international study centres in Austria and the Switzerland benefit from the practical study on the DHfPG also students from other States. Spot date at the study centre in Saarbrucken, Germany the Committee for science, research and technology takes over important tasks for the Saarland Landtag.

Prior to this The members meet regularly to exchange technical and organisational background. On January 21, held such a meeting in the premises of the College/BSA-Akademie on the study and training centre in Saarbrucken, Germany. After the welcome by the Managing Director of the University / BSA Johannes Marx, a presentation to the University was on the agenda. Then, a tour of the Center and the study centre in Saarbrucken, Germany took place. Here, the visitors had the opportunity to gain insight into the current curriculum at the University.

Then talks with the pro-rectors, professors and department heads instead of, as well as with the female officer and Director of the study secretariat Anna Farke and students representatives/students were. While the members of the Committee were done by the College and its rapid development has occurred since its accreditation in 2008. Practical study concept an important basis for the success of the DHfPG is the dual Bachelor’s degree system. This is a combined Distance learning that is supported by an online campus, with compact attendance phases and operational training. The students from the first study day in a company are under contract, in the context of the dual Bachelor’s degree. Thus they acquire important professional experience already during their studies. This form of study allows a direct transfer of knowledge from your studies into operational practice training companies. A total of five Bachelor’s degrees to choose from are at the University.