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If one had become according to the gradual rise that underwent fuels internationally, it had not felt. But Evo would have stopped being popular. As a North American politician in relation to the economic policy of Obama said: " If the house is warm it is because we are burning muebles". With Morals he is the same. It is spending the few resources of the country, but the town is contented. The lack of vision to future is the classic characteristic of the sandstone, to those who it does not matter to them what will come.

All their effort focuses in staying in the power and obtaining the momentary applause. The price of the petroleum barrel in Bolivia is in 27 dollars, decided to raise it 59. In the outside it is in 90 dollars. To Bolivia it costs to him to produce it enters 58 and 60 dollars. As the oil ones are forced to sell it to the subsidized price, they do not wish to produce liquid fuels. The Bolivian fuels are smuggled to the neighboring countries, which generates shortage in Bolivia that it must concern gasoline of Chile. The past year was concerned for 666 million dollars and the budget of this year is of 1,000 million. With the abrupt increase, Bolivia it was that it burned.

Flags of Venezuela were burned for the first time and images of the Che were destroyed Guevara. The acts were spontaneous, left the heart of the town, without fright of the caciques natives, without money, organization and leaders. To Evo the trousers got wet to him and immediately the increase of the price of fuels reverted, leaving the things as before. The well-being illusion will follow ahead, until the fall is lethal. No economy can be sustained with subsidies. It is only time question until Bolivia is begging for international aid. Considering the handbook of its governors, nobody will give a cent him, perhaps except Iran, that he is not too generous and in counterpart demands that you abras the doors to them to its clergymen and to Hezbolah. original Author and source of the article.