Plexiglas Weather

Look for shade, and nothing will prevent you normally rest. Always tie the boats and rafts, even pulled on shore. Suddenly, the water level may rise in a result of rains that took place in the upper reaches. For overnight stays send forward reconnaissance to search for dead trees and deadwood. Do not cut healthy trees.

Fallen collect faster and burn it hotter and brighter. Campfires are different: a) for cooking food and b) to illuminate parking lots, and c) for drying clothes, and d) to protect against mosquitoes, and e) to heat the tent installation site. To set the tents have with an iron pins and the pins. Comfortable and not a burden for the alloy in the water. As the racks Use the paddle. Colour the ax and saw a bright, flashy colors and carry in their cases.

Each member of the campaign should be a compass, watch, matches, reppelent, a knife and a set of dry clothes. Good protection against mosquitoes hanging with headgear mesh type string bag soaked in reppelente. Dry shoes, especially leather, the wind, having filled its first dry newspapers, rags, straw, and not by the fire. Kindling a fire in rainy weather, use previously stockpiled pieces of Plexiglas. Supplies collected, the route specified, the term is calculated campaign and at least two options for the return trip, solved all the economic, material and financial matters, is not forgotten and leisure in nature. It remains to solve the day of performance, and here, apart from listening to weather forecasts from official sources, useful knowledge of people's will.