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Plexiglas Weather

Look for shade, and nothing will prevent you normally rest. Always tie the boats and rafts, even pulled on shore. Suddenly, the water level may rise in a result of rains that took place in the upper reaches. For overnight stays send forward reconnaissance to search for dead trees and deadwood. Do not cut healthy trees. Fallen collect faster and burn it hotter and brighter. Campfires are different: a) for cooking food and b) to illuminateread more…



Treasures in Russia recently found not only archaeologists but also ordinary people (like us). This became possible after the appearance in Russia of metal detectors. Earlier, with Peter I treasure occupied many. They simply destroyed (unearthed) Scythian burial mounds, and found jewelry melted down into ingots. In the Hermitage, you can still see a collection of ornaments from Scythian burial mounds. This is not much left after this barbaric search hoards of the time. Neither ofread more…