Treasures in Russia recently found not only archaeologists but also ordinary people (like us). This became possible after the appearance in Russia of metal detectors. Earlier, with Peter I treasure occupied many. They simply destroyed (unearthed) Scythian burial mounds, and found jewelry melted down into ingots. In the Hermitage, you can still see a collection of ornaments from Scythian burial mounds. This is not much left after this barbaric search hoards of the time. Neither of which we are studying if there was not.

Methods of work arhelogov simple: a prospective place is broken, the soil is sifted. Every detail is collected and recorded. It's not just metal, it can be wood and stone and bone. What can be found using a metal detector. 1) You can only find a color or black metal 2) depth (usually) up to 40cm. It happens that the findings are to a depth of 4m. However, you should take the trouble dig a pit.

Not everyone will be doing it, provided that the result should be positive. Depth: 40cm – is detached coin or groups of them. Usually this clade does not represent any interest. Must note that the well-known not found the treasure – a special case. Many of them are looking for many years, but I can not find. And there is no point chasing them. To this we can spend a lot of years and they can never find. In my opinion it is only for within the State program.