Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The task of designing military vehicles needed to change the localization of soldiers to the battlefield, and inter alia providing assistance personnel, seemed too easy. Walking army is still followed the assault with heavy armored units under their own power or, perhaps, in trucks and armored cars were, as always, the same bronetankami – only the wheel. The jump was made in the completion of the 30's – early 40's., With the release of an absolutely improved version of armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers – German half-track "Ganomagov and wheeled MM3A1. Possessing bulletproof protective coating, they are fully able to follow the tank series in Travel order, in a collision with the enemy infantry squad chafing and supporting their machine-gun fire. Soviet Union possessed good military armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers did not issue – a gap wwii Red Army, and if applied armored vehicles, from the United States. So well-known "transport landing" when the Russian infantry pursued the heavy armor of tanks sitting on the saw, more often, an unusual measure Measures to produce lightweight armored personnel carrier on the basis of the BA-64 armored cars, but as the mass of these options are not rushed by – the war is over.

However, the need to secure transporters in the secure transport sample preserved to this day – they are still weapons as troops almost all countries in the world, still carrying infantry from point E to point F. But at the appointed time, it became clear that a single visit to the mission should not be limited. On the modern battlefield area, more and more large, mobile, and concentrated fire, the crew required a balanced fighting machine, in particular – a tank, only designed to carry infantry units. Nevertheless, this possibility understood in Russia. Clearly, leadership in the creation and production of extremely young version of a tank of the complex is owned by Russian engineers – in the U.S., probably for a small number of years prior to nomination to the flow of BMP-1, in the battle Vietnam, tried to make something similar, complicating the arms and security chief military armored M113 and M113A1, but nothing was found. How to record managing the 5 th Mechanized part of Gibson: "Marine had periodically say that apc is the only way to drive that provides protection from a tiny segment of grenades and small arms fire.