Tabernanthe Iboga

Shrub Tabernanthe Iboga included in the religious revival movement africana tribes – Bwito whose beginning can be attributed to the end of the last century. The full force of this movement included somewhere in the First World War (Fernandez, 1972). Religion Bwito rife in Gabon, Cameroon, Congo and Zaire. The cult is secret due to active persecution by the Catholic mission. According to the religion Bwito psychoactive plant iboga was found in the Pygmies depth of the jungle.

Later, they transferred their knowledge of the tribes and Apindji Mitsogho, who first began to carry out rituals. And thus religion has spread throughout the southern Gabonu.Pervonachalno, practice Bwito included human sacrifice and ritual cannibalism. But soon, this practice was abolished, and the victim began to bring young chicks. Of course, accusations of witchcraft and the professional so-called devil's illusions generated T.iboga, always been a part of history Bwito. In the period from 1920 to 1940, the persecution of the cult were especially active. Burned churches, killed priests, but the cult did not disappear.

Cycle rituals of the cult Bwito based on the religious calendar, such Catholic. All the rituals are carried out exclusively at night and involve the use of hallucinogenic plants T.iboga. Ceremony held on Saturday, Christmas and Easter. Carrying out the ritual is also possible If the initiation of a new member of the cult. In this case, he offered to use a large dose of iboga, which differs from the traditional rule. This leads to what is initiated into a trance and his consciousness is transferred to mystical worlds in which he receives initiation from Bogov.Ritual initiation begins with a confession of their sins.