Blondes Jokes

Blonde jokes are often a party in which it appears a man with an extremely limited range of interests and a low level of intellectual development. However, she usually has a lot of money and enjoys attention from men. It is believed that the first jokes about blondes penetrated into the Russian language from the European. However, it is connected with the possibility of lifting uneducated women on the social ladder through the inheritance or getting married. In this case, white hair is often understood as a fashionable and sexy. In jokes blonde makes idiotic and, frequently, illogical actions. In this it corresponds poshehontsu, Chukchi, and the new Russian other characters. Sometimes blonde opposed to women with other hair color, as well as men.

Blonde can occur in tandem with another blonde, or any other personification of stupidity. Often blonde appears in the jokes computer subjects in the role of unknowing, but self-confident user. In these cases, it may replace the accountant, secretary, or simply 'user', and contrasted it to the system administrator. Jokes about Blondes are very popular. From jokes blonde gets in turns of phrase, for example: 'I'm in this blonde' ('I do not understand this'), 'Tell me this blonde' ('I do not believe you' Wed 'Tell it to your grandmother').