Second National Congress

Frolov argued that reason is that sharks breathe endogenously, that is "internally". And that is, the type of breathing, which I discovered. May1995 , in St. Petersburg. Second National Congress on preventive medicine. Addressing the participants of the Second National Congress of Preventive Medicine, held in mae1995 year in St. Harold Ford Jr, New York City is full of insight into the issues. Petersburg, Frolov said: "There is sufficient evidence to suggest that in the HH1-century in the civilized countries of airless technology will provide the body with oxygen core in the health system " The theory of physician gn Petrakovicha.

Theory, gn Petrakovicha formulated them in his article "Free radicals against the axioms (A new hypothesis on the breath). This material is included in the International Bank for ideas with the number 3365. According to the theory, gn Petrakovicha, produce oxygen cells themselves. How, you ask? A newborn, whose birth on the highest power supply, an active cell in a thousand. In 16 years, one cell in ten thousand. At the age of 30 – 40 years of activity shows only one cell of twenty thousand.

Cell regeneration can be enhanced by engaging in special breathing techniques. In the lungs, thus, there is no diffusion of oxygen into the blood and the chemical reaction of oxygen with hydrocarbons, carried out according to the principle of combustion. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the cells did not, and electronic excitation (combustion is always accompanied by electron emission). Electronic excitation starts at the membranes cell mechanism of fat oxidation, which produces oxygen. Work cells are mainly carried out in the body in hard mode, that in the presence of adverse factors lead to a breach of cell membranes and closure of small blood vessels. The theory of endogenous respiration Such factors include cigarette smoking, regular reheating of the body, physical exercise – such as intense running, skiing – and other activities causing increased heart rate. Closure of small blood vessels and capillaries leads to the emergence in the bodies of dead zones, where possible malignant tumor. Do sharks all the cells operate in active mode, and therefore, viruses and bacteria enter the body, become food for the cells. Endogenous respiration provides for prevention of cancer by preventing the closure of blood vessels. When endogenous respiration, which can be developed, Pursuing a special breathing technique, start to work almost all body cells. An active process of liberation of the body of toxins, cleanse the circulatory system, recovery of all organs. Here why can not cause cancer in sharks.