Secret Struggle Against Laziness

Laziness – crafty creature. It looks innocuous, but in fact, at some point, the evil Why do we prevent laziness and how to fight it? Nothing could be easier to fight laziness need a hard and definitive method! Let's look at concrete example. When I made the life of jogging, I had to get up early in the morning before work. It was the only free time during the day. Had to get up at 6 am. It should be noted that it was winter! On street twenty degrees of frost! Imagine the situation? Winter. 6:30 am. On the street temnotischa eerie piercing cold! Lie to yourself in a warm bed and never leave.

Laziness and whispers: "What do you need this fig to run? Sidi home! "How to overcome this situation, too lazy and do what you need? There is one important thing Over time, gradually emerges thrust to the drill, but laziness to get up in the morning – still! That's where the dog somehow fumbled look at the typical scheme capture laziness of our strength of will, for this example. Stage 1. It all begins with the fact that the ring at the appointed time clock: "Ding-ding " The first thought in my head: "Well, well lie down even for a moment and get up "in a dream, barely remember that today is Monday and we decided to start jogging Human nature is a very strange thing (still can not understand why, when you want to start any important matter, the reference point choose it Monday Apparently, this is one of the hidden manifestations of laziness) Warning! If at this stage do not make yourself get up, then it will be harder to do it. But more on that later After that, everything is on the thumb. Stage 2.

At this stage begins to mentally forced. "I need to get up!" – And lie down on. "I simply must do it!" – Lie down "Damn, I've promised his beloved grandmother, and that'll start jogging in the morning " There is self-deception. Stage 3. Willpower is losing its position and is now entirely too lazy to Conquer: "Today is not really want to run. It's cold. I'll start tomorrow "etc. etc. And now I'll reveal the greatest secret struggle with laziness! laziness afraid of! urgent action – your awesome weapon against laziness. Simple? And what do you expect? You do not have to invent a sophisticated and build a whole scientific theory about this In this article the only one most vivid example of manifestation of laziness. All that will be discussed further applicable to any situation. A few specific tips for an effective fight against laziness: If your intention is important for you business, do not put him on a long box. Start acting now! Decided to start running? Do not need wait for Monday – start classes immediately. You must get up early? In the morning, when I heard the alarm – immediately get up. Try not to think about nothing. The secret is to start a movement without talking and reflections. Stray thoughts just reinforces laziness to active resistance. Quickly got dressed, washed with cold water to energize it – you're ready for great things! Incidentally, on this subject I wrote an article entitled "How quickly wake up and save the spirits for the whole day?" If you want to can read. To sum up: Less words (thoughts) – more business! Good luck in your fight with laziness!