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Are You Aware Of The Power Of Fear And Your Thoughts?

It is so important to know and understand how powerful fear and our thoughts can be and are. What we have in our mind, this also happens. Others who may share this opinion include Boy Scouts. If I believe in something, I succeed, if I have in mind from the outset, that it is anyway not, it won’t work. “An example of competitors for all: if I raised the question in a room: I make youread more…



You and I – I’m watching the water journey / Rainer Sauer excerpt from the poem book “You and I” by the Karlsruhe writer/philosopher Rainer Sauer: I look up of water travel/people consider knowing the only way to God / I’m looking for you I look of water travel constantly flowing to the sea-mother and wonder whether to the seas, I immediately I s., as each drop of water ultimately in God’s sphere? Has all itsread more…