The Team

Remember birthdays and important dates. They are prospects who enjoy helping others to achieve their goals. They take their responsibilities seriously and are proud when his pupils reach the potential and recognition of the community. Give him all the security and support during their training. These are tremendous mentors once understand the business plan.

They also need recognition and mentor weekly curfew. A call is more effective than an email. When you sign a prospectus with these features, you don’t push, you could lose it. The monkey. They are attracted to be accepted in an organization. They feel good when they are part of a group.

They adapt to the standards of the company and are not in search of stardom. Usually they are not initiators, are cooperators and prefer to be guided. They are workers and will not stay behind. They like to have the friend approval before taking an initiative or important decision. One of the ways as attract this type of leaflet is making them feel important for the team. It will impact them as you were attracted to this concept of independent entrepreneur business from home, your personal history. What kind of support your company has for the team and will love them to belonging to a concept of own business which will allow you to meet and create a network of new friends. As monkeys like follow the leader, keep in mind in setting the example. This type of Member responds to clear guidelines. Make sure you express to them how much appreciate having it as part of the group. The balance of your organization is important, don’t limit yourself to one or two types of personalities. Know a little more about the other personalities who might have your prospects and how to attract them to your computer to identify them.