Thomas Horn

More clarity enhanced map Berlin, January 26, 2010. The year 2010 brings many positive changes for the hotel and travel portal. Among other things a new look was the kick-off at the turn of the year. Most striking change: on the redesigned website the entire booking and information service is now concentrated on the upper menu bar available. “This is beneficial especially for users with very large or very small screens”, explains Thomas Horn, CEO and founder of Citysam AG.

Eliminating the left menu bar, the Web site, for example, on the increasingly popular Netbooks will be shown always fit. More space left at the same time, to make the content better. The new and more clearly arranged information areas such as for example the interactive city maps and country maps provide more service. In the planning stage of a trip around new printing and storage functions of map tiles facilitates the final selection of the hotel: The user chooses his destination with there existing hotels first about the “Maps” tab or in the field “Search by map” on the world map. The resulting map he can click on one of the new symbols now either directly print or save the link, to call him up again later or email to other people. Simple hotel search by map see: “this relaunch of our website is much more than just a change of our presence. We have done a lot of detail work in the background, with which we could improve many functions. We work as a next stage, inter alia on the optimizing and expanding our online travel guide”Horn next. Because: In addition to good ways to book information about the destination and the Exchange are becoming increasingly important with other travellers about tips in the holiday destination.